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Everything we do within our Company and lives is centered around our three core values “Commitment, Excellence & Honesty”. It is extremely important to us that the people we work with are happy to align themselves with our values throughout the whole building process.


Commitment to creating outcomes specific to our clients’ needs and overcoming obstacles with innovative and creative ideas which others would not consider.  We understand that innovation can sometimes be costly, which is why it is very important for us to keep our clients specific needs and budget in mind when developing innovative ideas.


Achieving above and beyond what others think is possible.  This includes doing all the small things to the highest possible standards which lead to an overall excellence.


Honesty is expected and given to every person we deal with.  Honesty will always be valued above any sale as we would rather be totally honest with a client and lose a sale rather than compromise our values.

Your Dreams, Our Mission

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My Name is Peter Betros I am the principal Director of PBH. I am a local builder and have lived in Toowoomba and surrounds all my life. For the last 10 years I have made my home in Highfields with my wife and three children. We are very proud to be from the Toowoomba community and like to give back by sponsoring local sports clubs.

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